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platinn supports start-ups and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in their business innovation projects. It contributes, accordingly, to their capacity to innovate and to their competitiveness.

Services are provided by a network of accredited coaches. If necessary, they will bring in partners that specialize in areas like intellectual property, finance, technical questions, law, and others.

platinn mainly supports the following innovation vectors :

  • product and service innovation;
  • organizational innovation;
  • the development of distribution systems and
  • research into new markets.


At the core of platinn’s organizational and operational structure is matching its four types of service with the targets of these services. The goal is to evolve, allocate and integrate — in a flexible and efficient manner — platinn’s expertise into the heart of a firm. The organizational framework relative to the four strategic services is presented below :


These four services constitute the “heart” of platinn. Since the professionalism of the processes and their agents will be decisive for clients, the organization and management of the four services merits complete attention. Several organizational measures have been instituted for this purpose:


A networked organization, with expertise divided into independent units, platinn is coordinated and managed at several levels. Its governance structure is laid down in the “platinn statutes” and explained in the document “concept of governance.”

General Assembly
The General Assembly is composed of the chiefs of services of the member cantons, united in the CDEP-SO. Its objective is to maintain cohesion and coherence with other programs within the intercantonal purview.

Strategic projects

Platinn participates actively within both national and international initiatives and programs. platinn does this to develop further its own tools and services offerings and to forge industrial relationships with other innovation partners.

While conducting their own business innovation efforts, platinn clients benefit directly from the results stemming from platinn’s national and international efforts.

Listed below are some of the projects having a major impact on platinn’s services offerings to its clients.


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